elective projects.

02.123 The Question of Technology

This project is a digitalization of Martin Heidegger's essay The Question Concerning Technology with analytical tools, section analysis and a glossary of key-terms. The project was curated by See Yong Chun, Cher Wein Min and Sean Teo Yong Li. Explore the website further here.

02.139 Form and Content in the Arts, Science and Society

This art project, Ori-Kube: Form and Content in Origami, imaginatively explores issues of simplicity, dimensionality, complexity and scale using joined pairs of blocks. The creators were Kua Yi Jie, Jonathan Her Wei Quan, and Stanley Goh Qi Ming

02.102 The World Since 1400

In this project for our flagship world history course students created a digital essay/documentary on the impacts of the industrial revolution. The creators were Fariha Ahsan, Siddhartha Datta, and Tanvi Thombre


core course posters.



This is a digital gallery exhibiting the best class projects from the Digital Humanities Minor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Our Minor program serves as a creative space in which computer scientists, engineers and architects use their computational skills to deepen their understanding of human culture. In every course in the Minor our students are required to apply their technical learning in original research projects in the humanities. The most innovative and successful project each year is awarded our Digital Humanities Prize.   



Each year our faculty select an outstanding student project to be awarded our Digital Humanities Prize. This award recognises projects that demonstrate intellectual ambition, creativity and innovation, and a genuine, original contribution to humanities research.

The prize winners for 2020 will be announced at the end of January 2021.